Career & Civic Engagement Center

The Career & Civic Engagement Center prepares and supports liberal arts students and alumnae/i to become effective, self-aware leaders in their chosen life pursuits.   Phone: (610) 526-5174

Dean's Office

Through advising and programming, the Dean's Office help students learn about available opportunities and resources and make decisions about when and how to take advantage of them.   Email:   Phone: 610-526-5375

Global Bryn Mawr

The Global Bryn Mawr Office coordinates and communicates the College's global engagement in the arenas of learning, community, and infrastructure.   Email:

Further References

The following Bryn Mawr webpages list many of the funds in this database— along with other funds available to students outside the scope of this database:

Opportunities for Undergraduates

Scholarships and fellowship programs open to undergraduates at Bryn Mawr

Opportunities for International Students

Fundings available to international students. Eligibility requirements may vary

Opportunities for Seniors and Alumnae/i

Opportunities for seniors and recent alumnae/i; some have institutional nomination requirements

Summer Internship Funding Program

The Career & Civic Engagement Center's Summer Internship Funding Program provides funds to support unpaid summer internships

College-Sponsored Internships

College-Sponsored Programs provide structured opportunities with departments on campus or with partner organizations off campus

Research Funding

Research opportunities range from lab work in the sciences to independent research in the humanities and social sciences, and take place on or off campus

Study Abroad Funding

Study abroad promotes the academic, professional, and personal growth of undergraduates at the College

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