Global Bryn Mawr Funding Database


The Global Bryn Mawr Funding Database lists all funds provided through the Bi-Co for Bryn Mawr undergraduates to travel abroad. This includes opportunities for research, learning, and work in international contexts, such as grants, scholarships, fellowships, and structured programs.   This database is managed by the Global Bryn Mawr office, which coordinates and communicates the College's global engagement in the arenas of learning, community, and infrastructure. The office’s official Bryn Mawr webpage can be found under Contacts on this website. For more information about this database please contact the Professor Alice Lesnick (

What IS included...

Funding for internships abroad   Programs for language or cultural learning abroad   Grants for independent research that can involve international travel   Scholarships for graduate study abroad   Prizes and awards for international travel given by nomination only   Note: only Bi-co and Bryn Mawr funding are included in this database

What is NOT included...

Funding provided through external applications (i.e. your application does not go through the college)   Funding exclusively for domestic travel (within the U.S.)   Junior year abroad programs   360 course clusters   Funding for any student in the Tri-Co

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